One of my top guilty pleasures ever since I was a teen was the concept of ‘the perfect beauty day’. I’d sit around in my hot pink robe listening to Avril Lavigne as I gave myself an at-home pedicure, put on a face masque my mom made me with real strawberries and oatmeal and massaged olive oil (or worse, mayonnaise!) into my hair. I may have smelled like a salad in the end, but as long as my skin and hair were better for it, I was on board.

Fast forward ten years and my weekly ritual has changed a little bit. I now listen to jazz, light some candles and use products that work better for my twenty-something skin and all the problems it comes with (and believe me, there are a few). So when the intu Trafford Centre (international readers – its the biggest mall in Manchester) sent me an email asking me to stop by to experience an Indulgence Hour that would have me getting my glow on with a facial, makeover and manicure in sixty minutes or under, I couldn’t wait.

I arrived a couple of hours early since it would be ungodly to visit the biggest mall in the city and not have a little browse around the shops. For those of you who haven’t been, the Trafford Centre is absolutely enormous and it is exhausting to walk from store to store if you’re not sure where you’re going. Luckily the map on their newly launched app helped me find my way around quickly. But before I knew it, I was a hot and bothered mess laden with heavy shopping bags while my purse seemed comparably lighter although I simply cannot fathom why *ahem*. I grabbed a coffee to go and headed off to my first Indulgence Hour appointment – a refreshing 15 minute Post Shopping facial at The Face Doctor.