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Face Doctor Natural Wrinkle Reduction

Our method gives a natural looking, younger you, where wrinkles fade but your ability to smile doesn't. No one wants that mask like, expression-free face that comes from having the facial muscles paralysed. Dr Gorman has developed a method of dosage and needle placement that leads to fewer wrinkles with a more natural appearance. The three main areas we recommend for treatment are the forehead, crow’s feet (outside of the eyes) and the glabellar region (between the eyes). However, if you would like to know about any other treatment areas, Dr Gorman and his team would be happy to discuss these with you.


We are also able to offer a price plan to suit your needs for treatments planned for the whole year. Treatments are tailored to each client. Our medical practitioners will chat to you beforehand, making sure we achieve the desired look. Our anti-wrinkle injections include a 2 to 3 week review. Our antiwrinkle injections include a 2 to 3 week review. Top ups can be given at this review appointment if necessary for an extra £50. Your practitioner will give you more details at the time of consultation.

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