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Waxing & Eye Treatments

Waxing & Eye Treatments
  1. Back & Chest Wax

    Back & Chest Wax

    The more you wax the less painful it becomes. The hair is held less tightly by the follicle as the hair grows back so the pull is not as great. When can you expect to go for the next waxing appointment? Re-growth of hair can start around one week after the waxing session. It will take around four waxing sessions to reduce the growth rate of your body hair. However, make sure that the hair is at least 5 mm in length so that it can be successfully waxed. Do not shave in between waxing appointments! With these simple after waxing care tips, you can expect to reap the maximum benefits of waxing and flaunt smooth skin for a longer period of time.
    The Face Doctor provides the finest full body waxing service exclusively for men.